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Our Refill Stations

We are in the process of getting our refill stations ready to bring to market. Scroll down to check out our refill station features and specs.


Our stations are easy to use, just push the bottle up to the nozzle and our refill stations will automatically start filling. Customers can fill a 2L bottle in about 30-40 seconds. You can refill all your essential products in the same place you already do your grocery shopping.

Bottle Being Filled

Pandemic Proof

Our stations are designed with cleanliness in mind. The machine is activated by pushing the bottle up to the nozzle, so you do not have to press any dirty buttons. Great during a pandemic!

Bottle Being Filled

Use any Bottle

The customer can use any type of bottle that they like at the refill station.

Multiple bottles

Holds any Type of Product

Our refill stations can hold any brand or any type of liquid cleaning product. Stores can have multiple refill stations in a single store that feature different products.

Three Refill Stations

Easy to Pay

Once your bottle is full, a sticker will be printed. This sticker contains the safety information for the product and a QR code that can be scanned at the checkout to pay.

Ticket Printing

Always Stocked in Time

When a cartridge is empty, a notification will be sent to the supermarket, which allows them to restock the empty cartridge before the second one runs out. This means the refill station will never be empty when a customer wants to refill!

One empty and One Full Cartridge
Refill notification

Compact Design

Our refill stations are perfect for any size supermarket. They are compact and made to fit on the shelf, which is great for small supermarkets with limited floor space.

Refill Station and Bottle

Fits on any shelf

150mm X 350mm X 500mm

Holds 30% more liquid*

Each machine holds 14L of liquid.

A typical supermarket shelf can hold 5 2.2L bottles in the same space

Usage Data

Laptop with graphs

Our refill stations gather data about how many liters of the product are being sold over time. This allows supermarkets to identify customer behavior and preferences, and allows us to track how much plastic is being saved.

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